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Partnering with the Arnold Center is a

Dow Corning

Founded in 1961 Dow Corning produces a Broad Range Of Technology-Based Products For A Wide Range Of Industries.


Hemlock Semiconductor Corporation is the largest producer of polysilicon in the United States. It is a subsidiary of
Dow Corning

Water Treatment Plant

24 Hour Emergency Contacts: Water Division: 989-837-3515 Wastewater Division: 989-837-3500

Print Runner

PrintRunner offers a variety of online printing services to fit every need CLICK ON THE PRINT RUNNER LOGO TO VISIT THIER WEBSITE.

Partnering [doing business with ] the Arnold Center is a “Win-Win-Win” for all involved…

“WIN” for the partner organization [fiscally and morally]!

“WIN”for the communities served!

“WIN”by providing employment opportunities for individuals with disabilities!

Our four social enterprises provide paid job training opportunities.  They also provide high quality goods or services to our customer / partners.  Customer / Partner satisfaction is our #1 objective.  We offer a range of interred services to support your specific business needs.

WeServe is a program providing vocational training in green janitorial practices. Through WeServe we offer floor care, carpet cleaning, recycling and basic grounds clean up. Our WeServe program is great for any size company and we would love the opportunity to learn more about your companies needs.

Founded in 1990, WeCycle provides vocational development where individuals gain skills and experience in all aspects of the Recycling industry. The program trains individuals in the collection of paper, m cardboard and electronics along with secure storage and shredding of materials. When businesses recycle with WeCycle they create jobs in our community and meet high standards or data security and environmental stewardship.

WeGrow is a vocational development program providing the opportunity for individuals to gain skills in all aspects of controlled environmental agriculture. Individuals operate Arnold Farms, growing a diverse selection of micro-greens, lettuces and herbs. The vocational training includes planting, maintenance and harvesting crops, set up and operation of our hydroponic growing system, sales and customer service.

The Arnold Center provides Light Manufacturing processes in over 25,000 square feet of production space in its two (02) state-of-the-art production facilities. Each facility is equipped with ample storage space and both have tractor and ground level loading docks. The Arnold Center can assist your organization in improving efficiency and quality of your specific operation by using our unique methods and staff. many businesses have grown to appreciate and expect a variety of quality production services tailored to meet each of their respective needs.

To learn more about any of our Social Enterprise Programs please contact me, I'd love to speak with you.

Tony Mediate

Marketing and Development Director

(989) 631-9570 extension 16