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The Arnold Center, a non-profit corporation, has teamed up with the Dow Chemical Company to establish the WeCycle initiative.  This initiative is essentially a recycling program designed to benefit our environment while at the same time creating jobs.  Our dream is to expand the program to include as many community partners as possible in hopes of maximizing our impact on the environment and opportunities for job creation.  Our dream is rapidly becoming reality as more and more community members are seeing the benefits of becoming WeCycle partners.

By participating in WeCycle you can:

Enhance Your Company's Image:  by promoting your waste reduction efforts, you can show customers, other businesses, and the general public that you are committed to the environment

Save Money: by reducing your waste stream, it is possible to save money by reducing your landfill expenses. We all want to "do the right thing"; however, influencing the bottom line helps and is a preferable outcome for businesses.

Improve Environmental Quality: waste reduction efforts help conserve valuable natural resources, reduce pollution and save energy. Recycling also prolongs the life of materials by reprocessing them into a new material/product rather than land filling them.

Save Landfill Space: less waste is created when materials are reused and recycled, which extends the life of existing landfills and reduces the need for new ones.

Create Jobs!:  through your support of the Arnold Center in this endeavor, there is the added benefit of providing employment for a highly unemployed or underemployed segment of our population, persons with disabilities.  The jobs created through this initiative will help community residents and improve their quality of life and achieve their personal dreams.

By participating in the WeCycle program you can help our community take strides toward becoming a “model community”.  This project will not only provide a valuable community service by “going green”, but will create jobs! 

The WeCycle Store is a product of the WeCycle Program and the innovation of the Dow Chemical Company and the Arnold Center.  Instead of land filling the byproducts of the WeCycle program (notebooks, binders, paper clips, folders, etc.) innovators suggested collecting them and donating them to students, school districts, non-profits and other organizations who could benefit from them. The goal of the program is to provide community members valuable, yet slightly used school and office products, at no cost while at the same reducing landfill space.

If you are interesting in participating in the recycling program or learning more about the WeCycle Program or the WeCycle Store please contact the Arnold Center at 989-631-9570.

400 Wexford Avenue, Midland, MI 48640 - (989) 631-9570    •    490 Industrial Drive, Gladwin, MI 48624 - (989) 426-6300