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Quality Management

Exceptional People Delivering Quality Service

The Arnold Center is an organization that focuses on quality service in every aspect of its operation.  Quality, to Arnold Center employees, is much more than a catchy phrase.  It is a commitment to a standard that guides them when carrying out their professional responsibilities.   The Arnold Center believes the customer must define quality and that quality should be quantifiable; measured against established benchmarks.  Utilizing various strategies, including focus groups, customer satisfaction surveys, and personal interviews, the Arnold Center seeks to identify its customers’ quality expectations and then incorporates those expectations into a formal system of continuous quality improvement that includes Outcome Management, CARF Accreditation and ISO Registration.  These practices are an integral part of the organization’s quality improvement process providing valuable regulation that is in turn used to modify and/or create services that not only meet, but exceed our customers’ expectations.  It is through customer participation in our quality improvement process that the Arnold Center has gained recognition in the community and the state of Michigan as a provider of exemplary services.  If you have had some association with the Arnold Center, or are simply a concerned citizen and would like to participate in our quality improvement process by offering comments, both positive or negative, please contact us at (989) 631- 9570, drop us a note, visit us at 400 Wexford Ave., Midland 48640 or e-mail us at hello@arnoldcenter.org.

Performance Measurement and Management System

The Arnold Center is committed to providing customer driven programs that result in a high degree of satisfaction and excellence in service.  We believe in a corporate culture where personnel at all levels within the organization are motivated and empowered to improve the quality of our services.  To achieve this vision, the Arnold Center has adopted a formal Performance Measurement and Management System (PMM) that emphasizes the continuous study and improvement of the practice of providing quality services to our customers. Our PMM system, which involves customer participation, long and short-term planning, internal monitoring and data collection, benchmarking and measurement, feedback and discussion, information management, action plans and follow-up, is our customer's assurance that the services they receive from the Arnold Center will be of the highest quality of service possible. 

To help us implement Performance Measurement and Management System, we ask that all of our customer (participants, family members, advocates, employers, community partners, funders, etc.) do the following: 

  • Let us know how we are doing by completing satisfaction and follow-up surveys.  Each service sends out surveys at designated times of the year so please take a few minutes to complete them.
  • If you have any suggestions at any time on how we can improve our services please let us know by calling us at (989) 631-9570 or emailing us at general_info@arnoldcenter.org.
  • Volunteer to participate in annual focus groups by contacting us as previously described.
  • Visit our web page periodically for additional information on ways you can help us provide quality services for our customers and the community.

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These processes enable an organization to:

  1. prepare for contingencies that could prevent it from attaining its goals;
  2. prepare a framework for the organization's orderly growth and progress, and
  3. have a strategy for the allocation of resources in a manner that will allow the organization to meet its goals.  

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These processes are not a quick fix.  They are long-term investments with payoffs that increase over time.  It also is not a magic wand.  Any plan must be accompanied by commitment and action if it is to achieve results.

Strategic Planning and Outcome Management are:   

  • a defined, long-term, future-oriented process of assessment, goal setting, and strategy building that maps a common sense approach to anticipating a future that is both desirable and achievable.
  • a careful consideration of an organization's capabilities and environment that leads to priority-based resource allocation and other decisions.
  • a disciplined effort to produce fundamental decisions and actions that guide and shape what an organization is, what it does, and why it does it.
  • an essential tool that permits an organization to be adaptable to ever changing, increasingly complex environments. 
  • a long-range approach that requires regular reviews and updates to check progress and reassess the validity of the plan.
  • a participatory process that considers the needs and expectations of customers and stakeholders (including policy-makers) in defining missions, goals, and performance measures.
  • a structure for inspired, yet practical decision-making and follow-through.

Arnold Center, Inc.'s current Strategic Plan and Outcome Management/Strategic Planning reports are available upon request.

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CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities)

The Arnold Center proudly displays its CARF Accreditation Certificate.  This certificate signifies its commitment to the provision of quality services that result in maximum outcomes for its customers. 

After an organization applies for the accreditation of its services, CARF sends professionals in the field to conduct an on site survey to determine the degree to which the organization meets established standards.  CARF surveyors also consult with the staff members and offer suggestions for improving the quality of their services.

CARF-accredited programs like those available at the Arnold Center have demonstrated that they substantially meet internationally recognized standards of quality.  CARF accreditation means that customers of the organization can be confident that the organization has made a commitment to continually enhance the quality of its services and programs, and its focus is on customer satisfaction.

For more information about CARF contact them at www.carf.org or call them at (888)281-6531.

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ISO 9001:2015  Registered

The Arnold Center became ISO registered in April of 2018.  ISO 9001:2015 is the most comprehensive international standard dealing with quality system requirements and one of the worlds most prestigious assurance standards systems.  Applicants are required to formulate written procedures for monitoring quality in product design, development, production, installation and servicing.  These procedures are reviewed and approved by ISO registered representatives and then audited on a regular basis to ensure continued compliance. 

As a result of the Arnold Center's commitment to the ISO process, customers of the agency can feel confident that they will receive the high quality products they expect.  ISO 9001:2015 certification is our customer's guarantee that the Arnold Center has documented quality procedures and systems in place that meet global standards and expectations. It also assures them that the Arnold Center will continually work toward improvement. 

For addition information about ISO registration you can go to www.iso.org.   For additional information about the Arnold Center ISO 9001:2015 registration, please contact us at hello@arnoldcenter.org or by calling us at (989) 631-9570.

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400 Wexford Avenue, Midland, MI 48640 - (989) 631-9570    •    490 Industrial Drive, Gladwin, MI 48624 - (989) 426-6300