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About Us

Vision Statement

We are the one-stop connection for job creation and coordination of resources that maximize independence and community inclusion for individuals with differing needs.

 Mission Statement

We provide individualized services that enhance the vocational, social and life skills of any person with differing needs and aspirations.

Quality Statement

Exceptional people delivering quality service.

Code of Ethics

The Corporation declares the following principles to be the Code of Ethics for all activities relating to the organization.  Members of the organization are responsible for upholding and advancing these principles.

  1. All stakeholders have the right to be treated with dignity and respect.
  2. All stakeholders have the right to participate in a program that nurtures personal growth and dignity, and supports the use of positive approaches and supports.
  3. All stakeholders shall have access to services that achieve optimum outcomes.
  4. All stakeholders shall be empowered to exercise the principles of informed choice and self-determination.  When stakeholders lack the capacity to make informed choices, steps shall be made to safeguard their interests and rights.
  5. All stakeholders shall have access to services provided by staff that are alert to, and avoid, conflicts of interest (personal, religious, political, or business interests) that interfere with the exercise of professional discretion and impartial judgment.
  6. All stakeholders shall have access to services provided by staff that is sensitive to differences among individuals and cultural groups.
  7. All stakeholders have access to services that protect their rights to privacy and confidentiality, as required by law and professional standards. 
  8. All stakeholders have access to services that promote healthy and safe work environments.
  9. All stakeholders have the right to services provided by personnel who are proficient in their practices and represent themselves as competent only within the boundaries of their education, training and professional experience.
  10. All stakeholders have access to services provided by staff that maintain a high level of professional ethics and consistently comply with the organization’s Code of Conduct standards.
  11. All stakeholders have access to customer-driven services that utilize customer input as the basis for organizational quality and ultimately, service excellence.
  12. All stakeholders conducting business and/or financial activities with the Corporation shall be furnished service in accordance with accepted “best business practices” and applicable legal requirements.
  13. All stakeholders have access to services where informed choice is reflected in the individual planning process through full disclosure of the capabilities of the organization to meet the person’s outcome expectations.
  14. All stakeholders shall have access to services that exercise fees, which are fair, reasonable, and commensurate with services provided.

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Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action

The Corporation is an equal opportunity/affirmative action Corporation.  The Corporation, in recognition of its responsibility to the staff, its customers and community it serves, reaffirms its policy to ensure fair and equal treatment of all its employment practices, for all persons, regardless of race, color, marital status, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability, height or weight or genetic information.

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Americans with Disabilities Act Policy Statement

The Corporation is committed to complying with all applicable provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  It is the Corporation’s policy not to discriminate against any qualified employee or applicant with regard to any terms or conditions of employment because of such individual’s disability or perceived disability so long as the employee can perform the essential functions of the job.  Consistent with this policy of nondiscrimination, the Corporation will provide reasonable accommodations to a qualified individual with a disability, as defined by the ADA, who has made the Corporation aware of his or her disability, provided that such accommodation does not constitute an undue hardship on the Corporation.

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Leadership Policy

The leadership of the Corporation is fully committed to the Corporation's mission statement and its goal to deliver state-of-the-art services to people with disabilities and other unique needs. Leadership recognizes that this goal can only be achieved through a dedicated and competent staff. Leadership also recognizes that quality personnel are not simply hired but cultivated and empowered. Therefore, the role of leadership, as defined by the Corporation, is to facilitate and inspire personnel to achieve their fullest potential. We view leadership as something not done by one person to another, but what people do together. Together leaders and followers establish Corporation goals and objectives and envision a better future for those we serve as well as ourselves. Leaders are charged with the responsibility of uniting others behind a common purpose, empowering others to perform to their fullest potential, providing personnel opportunities for self fulfillment through both personal and professional growth, providing staff opportunities to explore ideas and solve problems, and to acknowledge achievements. As a cohesive team, Corporation leaders and followers shall strive to create a united, empowered organization that serves people and customer to the best of its ability.

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Cultural Diversity Policy

The Corporation is a culturally diverse organization.  In being so, The Corporation feels strongly that cultural diversity enriches all aspects of work and social life and is a catalyst for creative and effective responses to new challenges and opportunities that emerge.

The Corporation values greatly the diversity of opinions, perspectives and the interests its customers and personnel bring to the organization.  The Corporation feels there is benefit in a work environment that is characterized by a wide range of traditions, beliefs, values and practices.  In providing a harmonious cultural diverse work environment, the Corporation relies on the mutual respect for the cultural perspectives of all employees and customers, and on ensuring that the membership of any cultural or ethnic group is not associated with prejudice.

The Corporation values cultural diversity among personnel and customers and acknowledges that cultural diversity encompasses differences based on race, ethnicity, language, religion, value and belief system, disability, sexuality, gender, age and educational background.

The Corporation will not tolerate discrimination on the basis of such differences and is committed to providing an environment where people are treated with respect and are supported in realizing their full potential.

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Human Resource Development Policy

The leadership of the Corporation realizes its mission, "We provide individualized services that enhance the vocational, social and life skills...," can only be achieved through the dedication, commitment and competency of its staff.  Therefore, leadership strives to create and maintain a work environment that fosters honesty, personal growth, teamwork, open communication and dedication to the organization's vision and values.  Leadership is committed to the provision of a workplace where all employees are given the opportunity to learn and improve their work skills and are encouraged to work together in such a way that they are committed to continuous quality improvement in themselves, the Corporation and our community.

The Corporation has established human resource development practices that are consistent with its intent to recruit and hire qualified employees and enhance the growth and ongoing contribution of each employee.  Leadership's relationship with each employee is entered in the spirit of a long-term partnership and is predicated on the development of the full potential of each employee.  Realizing that its employees are the source from which ideas, actions and performance flow, leadership is committed to providing a work environment that cultivates fairness, self-fulfillment, teamwork and dedication to excellence.

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Accessibility Policy

The corporation is committed to promoting improved quality of life for individuals with differing needs, by encouraging and supporting personal growth and inclusion in the community through the development of vocational, social, and life skills.  Because of this commitment, the organization has adopted a strategic plan geared toward maximizing each individual’s accessibility to its facilities, as well as our communities. 

The purpose of this policy is to insure the organization remains active in the process of removing transportation, financial, employment, attitudinal, communication, environmental, architectural, employment, community integration, websites and other media, and other barriers as identified by persons served, personnel and stakeholders.  It is the policy of the corporation to design and conduct all activities in a manner, which assures that they are readily available to individuals with differing needs, while at the same time promoting community-wide accessibility.

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Community Integration Policy

People with disabilities have the same dreams that we all do. They want to live in their own homes, spend time with family and friends, find meaningful work, and enjoy the many small pleasures of being part of a community. At the Arnold Center, our goal is to make these dreams reality. 
We advocate diminishing the stigma and discrimination that limits employment and other choices, and we advocate for service systems that help people achieve their full potential. Supported employment, volunteerism, social and recreational activities are essential to this goal. 

Our mission relies on the Americans with Disabilities Act and its promise that people with disabilities will be integrated into community life. Building on the Supreme Court’s decision in Olmstead Act, we seek to develop and implement best practice services that are life enhancing and responsive to the persons served.

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